Broadmeadows announced as rail loop super-hub

September 18, 2018 by  

Broadmeadows has been identified has one of the Victorian Government’s ‘super hubs’ in its Suburban Rail Loop.

News that the suburb, which for many years has boasted a strong manufacturing sector containing everything from print shops to major car-makers, is among three of the super-hubs announced recently, has been welcomed by Mayor of Hume Geoff Porter who described it as transformational and visionary.

He added that it put forward a practical strategy that has planned for future population and economic growth throughout Melbourne and said:

“A Broadmeadows hub will not only mean a redeveloped station – which is something Council has advocated for years for – it will also improve access to jobs, education and health services for our residents.”

He said that being a major hub in this suburban rail loop would provide many benefits and build on the Council’s long-held view that the area of Greater Broadmeadows is already a gateway to the state’s north and a major activity centre in metropolitan Melbourne.

Mayor Porter said that once the project has received the go-ahead it would make sense to prioritise the hub’s construction especially considering its proximity to the city and Melbourne International Airport.

Features of the new suburban rail loop are believed to include links to activity precincts, education, health services and employment hubs as well as improved access regional areas of Victoria.