Bunbury may approve plastic clampdown

May 7, 2017 by  

Gary Brennan, the Mayor of Bunbury, has expressed concern about the impact of plastic bags.

Mayor Brennan, who is keen on recycling, is worried about the regional environmental effect of plastic bags. It has been noted that many other areas have already taken action to address the threat. If the region or the state does reject plastic bags, marketing services within Bunbury could be used to showcase local firms in innovative ways.

Mayor Brennan told the Bunbury Mail:

“I wouldn’t be supportive of Bunbury doing it alone, but I would be very keen to have a regional endorsement of it where the whole region is involved. The only way we would be involved would be if it’s a state wide initiative, or at least not just limited to the City of Bunbury.”

Stephen Dawson, the Environment Minister, said that millions of plastic bags are not being disposed of properly. He pointed out that South Australia prohibited single-use bags back in 2009. Further, Queensland is pledged to follow suit next year.

Dawson is unsure about whether bans or taxes are the way to go. He observed that Ireland imposed a plastic bag levy several years ago, and this policy has been viewed as a success by some, but Dawson is keeping all of his options open for now. Meanwhile, he is looking out for what works across the country.