Bunbury Port tugboats named in ceremony

April 7, 2017 by  

An official ceremony has been used to name new tugboats for Bunbury Port.

The tugboats were sprayed with champagne and named the Cape Leeuwin and the Cape Naturaliste at the event. Corporate gifts from Bunbury can be exchanged at prestigious occasions like this.

Captain Gary Wilson, the harbour master, told the Bunbury Mail:

“These tugboats are new and modern – the design is unparalleled. The fact that they are so small and have so much power and are way more efficient make these new ones better and more reliable.”

Captain Wilson works at the Southern Ports Authority (SPA) and has explained that the tugs will have a significant annual workload. The SPA has predicted that the boats should remain operational for about a quarter of a century.

The Cape Leeuwin boat has a value of $9m. It has recently been on a long journey from Vietnam to Bunbury. In contrast, the Cape Naturaliste has been in position since the year’s end.

The official ceremony attracted about 40 guests. Those in attendance included Sean Mackenzie, the managing director of Mackenzie Marine and Towage. His organisation remains a family firm, many years after his grandfather founded it, and this deal represents one of its largest ever contracts.
As well as being a celebration, the toasting process focused on the safety, profitability and durability of the vessels.