Business card printing

Many companies are wholly embracing the online aspect of running a business. This is no surprise – you can interact with your customers, respond to queries much quicker and build a network of contacts. However, there are still tried and trusted 'old school' methods of establishing contacts, meaning that business card printing is here to stay.

It's a cliche that some businessmen and women obssess over their business card – anyone who has read the book or watched the movie of American Psycho will know that it pokes fun of such people. Nevertheless, it's a fact that it says a lot about you and your business. Picture the situation: You're at a networking event, and you have managed to catch the ear of someone who could really help your business or would be a great client to land. You've treated them with respect and impressed them with your insight, and handing them your business card is a natural way to end the conversation whilst giving them your all important contact details. They look at it and – oh dear! It's a riot of color, is printed on cheap card and uses the Comic Sans font. Your business card is a major part of the first impression you make, and should be representative of your professionalism. Worse still, it may not include all of your contact details.

Choosing a business card can be a minefield. Should you choose something austere and minimal? That may be appropriate for a lawyer or accountant, but what if you're a graphic designer? You have some scope to be quirky and more creative, but that can easily stray into gimmickery. Design aside, can you justify the expense of better quality card? Should it be textured or smooth, glossy or matte? There is a lot to consider, and you may find yourself needing advice.

Here at Minuteman Press, we are experts in business card printing. What's more, we can offer you the wealth of experience we having in producing business cards, which can make sure that such a scenario never arises.