Business to be promoted by the City of Canning

May 8, 2017 by  

The City of Canning is looking to encourage business within the local government boundaries.

The decision to make a big effort to foster local economic development was taken at a recent council meeting. Last month, Councillor Jesse Jacobs claimed that the authority had the potential to do more. Councillor Jacobs then drove a motion forward which obtained the support of his colleagues.

Arthur Kyron, the chief executive of the City of Canning, will produce a report in relation to the nature of current policy. A printing company in Canning Vale may be used to showcase the City of Canning to boost investment going forward. Councillor Jacobs told the Canning Times:

“The City of Canning has one of the largest business populations in Perth and it is in the City’s interest to retain and promote these businesses. Businesses contribute to growth in jobs and also attract retail and wholesale customers to the City.”

Councillor Jacobs pointed out that the City of Canning has to engage in place marketing if it is to help firms to compete effectively. Further, he indicated that the district has the aspiration of outperforming other local government areas within Perth.

Councillor Patrick Hall recommended that the City of Canning should focus on its core. In addition, Councillor Hall argued that policy should aim to prevent logistics hubs from relocating elsewhere.