Caringbah medical facility marks anniversary

April 7, 2018 by  

Sutherland Hospital in Caringbah celebrated its 60th anniversary recently.

The first female to be born in the hospital was present at the Caringbah-based hospital on the day of the anniversary. Gai Forest was joined by volunteers and staff. Forest told the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader:

“The maternity ward opened at the beginning of May and six boys were born ahead of me. Mum never made much of me being the first girl except to say that the first boy went home with a room full of presents and I got nothing.”

Over the course of six decades, Forest has not been a frequent user of Sutherland Hospital because of her reasonable health. Nonetheless, she has observed that the facilities have been upgraded from time to time, such as Kingsway building being demolished in 2003. In addition, several new units have been established on the site. As a Caringbah resident, Forest has been obliged to take her children to the Emergency Department in various circumstances.

The anniversary has not been the cause of a huge celebration despite the authentic community appreciation for Sutherland Hospital. Visitors and staff have been able to appreciate the past of the place via some old photographs.

The opening of the hospital 60 years ago was a dramatic event that saw crowds turn out to give it a warm welcome. Printing services can be used to showcase organisations in the district as they reach milestone years.