Castle Hill properties could be set to become more affordable

June 9, 2018 by  

The trend for discounting properties in Sydney could be making Castle Hill less exclusive.

Sydney residents are often prepared to offer discounts on their properties to make a sale. As the market is cooling, this behaviour is becoming increasingly common. In the suburbs of Sydney’s North West, average discount rates for apartments have been nudging up. Buyers might find that Castle Hill homes are now within their budgets as a result. Brochure printing can be useful for advertising within the property sector.

Paul Bloxham is a leading economist at HSBC. Bloxham explained that additional price discounting is not the sole factor influencing the market. He said:

“We know there’s been an investor pull-back as well as with foreign purchasers and the combination of those two things are behind weakening demand for apartments.”

Lorinda Mansfield is a selling agent. Mansfield is employed at Raine and Horne Neutral Bay. She thinks it is really important for vendors to research the market. If sellers look at the current trends, they will be able to dispose of their properties at realistic prices. Valuable time can be saved if everyone has reasonable expectations.

Researcher Nicola Powell noted that houses are not selling as rapidly as they used to do. Dr. Powell commented on the consequences of the accumulation of stock in the market, and noted that prices could fall further going forward.