Castle Hill property becomes more affordable

July 22, 2018 by  

Research shows that property prices in suburbs like Castle Hill have become more affordable.

The research in question was conducted by and showed that demand for housing is down on last year. Median prices for accommodation within the Hills District have dipped, meaning local firms may wish to use brochure printing in Castle Hill to promote bargains in the region.

It has been predicted that the dip in Sydney’s property market will continue for some time. Nerida Conisbee, an economist, said:

“There is nothing to suggest prices will be going up at all this year, outside of a few areas.”

Conisbee thinks that the local housing market has not been like this since the international recession hit the market about a decade ago. She believes that individuals who want to obtain property at a reasonable price should consider taking advantage of this apparent window of opportunity.

Conisbee does not feel that a crash is on the cards, because she thinks that the fundamentals of the Australian economy are solid. She does not envisage that negative equity will evolve into a significant problem.

Other experts agree that the current situation in West Sydney will be a temporary state of affairs. This is because investment in the infrastructure of the city is likely to contribute to higher house prices down the track, and gentrification is always a possibility.