Census shows Whitehorse municipality is booming

August 21, 2012 by  

Recently released Census figures show that the population is growing in Box Hill South and its surrounding suburbs. Box Hill was the fastest growing suburb in Whitehorse according to Census data, with nearby Burwood also growing well.

The figures showed that the population of Box Hill has grown by almost 4000 people in the 10-year period up to June 2011, which is an increase of just over 17% in a decade. There are now more than 18,000 people living in the area, which is Whitehorse’s second largest suburb.

Dr. Bob Birrell, a reader in Sociology from Monash University, said that Box Hill’s growth could be attributed to the apartment developments happening in the area. He added that developers who were finding other areas too expensive were looking to Box Hill for infill development and were driving growth. Burwood’s growth is due to a growing student population associated with Deakin University and a growth in student accommodation.

Businesses looking to take advantage of these potential new customers should think about advertising that can target residents directly, such as flyer printing.

In total the Whitehorse municipality grew by just over 7% and is now home to more than 158,000 people. Most suburbs grew by somewhere between 4% and 9%, except Vermont South where the population dropped by 3%. Whitehorse City Development Acting General Manager Jeff Green said this was due to an ageing population in Vermont South where many households had changed to single-person households or are occupied by couples without children living at home.