Central Club in Richmond closing to make way for apartment development

July 16, 2018 by  

The inner-Melbourne suburb of Richmond is known as the place where there is a pub on just about every block, but soon there will be one late night drinking spot fewer in the area.

The iconic Central Club in Swan Street faces closure under plans for a seven-storey apartment complex currently being reviewed by Yarra City Council. The 19th-Century hotel is perhaps best remembered as a popular live music venue with events held there often promoted with assistance from poster printing and flyer printing services.

Lately, the Central Club scene has leaned towards rock, metal and cover bands, but it has also played host to internationally successful artists including INXS, Men At Work and BB King. Fans of UK music with long memories might recall Hammond-infused Oldham luminaries the Inspiral Carpets playing there during their Revenge of the Goldfish tour back in 1993.

The Yarra Council has found the pub, which was built in 1888, to have significant heritage value but it is not officially protected. Councillor Stephen Jolly has called for state protections to preserve the city’s status as the live music capital, saying:

“If left to developers they will build apartments on top of everything.”

Music Victoria acting chief executive Nick Cooper added:

“The closure of any venue or band room…would be a huge loss.”