Charging stations for electric cars on agenda

November 2, 2017 by  

Canning Vale residents could be in the right place to take advantage of charging stations for electric cars, following an investigation supported by the City of Canning Council.

Councillor Jesse Jacobs said council has agreed to investigate appropriate sites throughout the city that could host charging stations.

Arthur Kyron, City of Canning Chief Executive, has been appointed to carry out the site investigation and the technology partners required in the creation of an Electric Vehicle Charging Network in key areas around the city.

In addition, Mr Kyron has been given the task to approach local shopping spaces and business in an effort to determine their interest in such a project.

Adjacent cities will also be consulted as to whether they would consider collaborating with council on the proposal.

Cr Jesse Jacobs, who raised the original motion for a report on the installation of a Charging Network, has his own electric car.

He said a move to embrace the technology, which has been featured often on industry brochure printing, and implement changes to keep up with the innovations was important:

“I can think of a million benefits: health; better mobility; cost.

“There’s going to be a huge revolution in energy and mobility, it’s exciting.”

Cr Jacobs said the initial proposal was to proceed with a written report, which will then be presented to the February 2018 council meeting.