Chermside could gain from growth of Brisbane Metro

April 12, 2017 by  

The planned expansion of Brisbane Metro system should benefit the suburb of Chermside, local officials have suggested

The policy of Brisbane City Council (BCC) is for a Chermside route to connect with a station near the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Adrian Schrinner, the deputy mayor at BCC, has mentioned that the initiative might gather momentum due to the extension of the Northern Busway or the extension of the Eastern Busway. However, the state projects in question do not have to be completed for the scheme to move forward. Booklet printing from Chermside may be used to help promote public awareness of future developments.

Deputy Mayor Schrinner told the Brisbane Times:

“With the new metro, the fact that we're not worrying about tracks means that we can essentially extend it, provided you have infrastructure like a busway or dedicated right of way.”

The councillor is confident that Chermside could be included in the vision, because he thinks that the suburb should benefit from the extension of other transport infrastructure.

Further details of the ideas of BCC will be made available to locals. Sessions providing public information will be delivered at a variety of locations.

It is thought that the initial phase of a metro in Brisbane would require approximately 60 vehicles. Each vehicle would have to have the capacity to transport around 150 people for the proposals to work in practice.