City acts on first step towards light rail in Stirling

August 8, 2017 by  

Balcatta residents are among many people who stand to benefit from the establishment of a light rail network proposed as part of the Stirling City Centre project.

Mayor Giovanni Italiano has approached the Federal Government for funding of $64,000 to help fund the ‘City Centre’ project, which he said would see Stephenson Avenue extended and the introduction of a light rail network.

Italiano said:

“The proposed light rail network is a 24km route from Curtain University via the Perth CBD running through to Scarborough Beach.”

The total cost of the light rail project’s first stage is $134m, with the State Government investing $60m over five years and Westfield providing $10m. The Mayor added:

“The ‘City Deal’ will provide 82,000 jobs, $16bn in private investment, house more than 63,000 new residents and ease traffic congestion. I think it is something desperately needed here at the City of Stirling.”

Mayor Italiano is excited about the project, which he believes will help the area’s vibrant tourism industry and the way it is promoted on tourist brochures and postcards.

He said the area, particularly Scarborough Beach, currently attracts upward of two million visitors, with expectations it is likely to double in the future. He also confirmed that an initial $64,000 to extend Stephenson Avenue, if provided, would see construction completed within two years.