City takes first steps to establish arts hub

September 11, 2018 by  

An emphasis on arts has been expressed for East Perth and the City of Vincent with the recent release of an arts development plant.

The plan, stretching over two years, has been put together with the help of Councillor Jimmy Murphy who heads council’s arts committee. Projects outlined in the plan provide a clear indication of key city projects to be focused on between now and 2020 including performing and visual arts.

According to Councillor Murphy, the City of Vincent identified a community desire to see art take a more prominent role within the area during the community consultation called as part of the Imagine Vincent project.

The committee began, he said, through data collected in relation to the Imagine Vincent consultation which saw 400 responses mention `art’. Councillor Murphy added:

“Just over a year ago this council endorsed our current arts priorities, which included our ambition to be the arts capital of Perth.”

The result has been the release of a magnificent document containing actionable items and great ideas charting a course that extends two years.

Mayor Emma Cole said the arts development plan included several highlights which ranged from the commissioning of public artwork pieces to the creation of a special jazz precinct within the Northbridge area.

While the plan, which can be viewed on the city’s website, is expected to be welcomed with excitement by local artists and graphic design professionals, Councillor Murphy said it will also provide many benefits for residents.