Clifton Hill rail now back up and running

May 11, 2018 by  

A rail shutdown that affected Clifton Hill’s commuters is over.

The disruption was lengthy and meant that passengers were obliged to use buses. Stationery printers can be used to showcase transport changes when they come into effect.

The Clifton Hill problem happened because some of the relevant infrastructure dates from about seven decades ago. The difficulty occurred when this old infrastructure had to fit with modern signalling equipment.

The signalling complications caused well over a month of trouble, and approximately 1,000 workers were involved in a major effort to upgrade this part of the network. According to Jacinta Allan, the current minister for public transport, the resumption of the service was ahead of the predicted time, even though people had to use alternative transport for about six weeks.

The inconvenience was necessitated by work on level crossing removal. Allan mentioned the priority being given by policymakers to the process, telling The Age:

“[The delays] were brought about as a result of some additional works that needed to be done around signalling on the line. I would really like to thank the passengers on the Hurstbridge line for their support and patience during this construction period."

She apologised to those people who had been affected adversely by the issue. The Age also reports that contractors who have been working to improve the infrastructure may be penalised for failing to hit targets fast enough.