Cloud computing group to help local businesses

August 24, 2012 by  

The term ‘cloud computing’ is being used more and more amongst business owners but many are still unaware of what cloud computing actually is and how it can help their businesses. Those in this position and eager to find out more have help at hand with the ‘Desktop to Cloud User Group’ meeting that is set to take place at the end of the month in Sydney.

All the information anyone may want to know about cloud computing and how it can benefit them will be available at this event and will be provided by experts within the industry. Whether those attending already have a sound knowledge on this topic and want to expand it further or have absolutely no idea what it is about and want to start learning, this event will cater for everyone.

Not only will questions be answered and informative presentations given but there will also be an opportunity for networking too. Events that bring business owners and key players within industries together produce the ideal environment for networking to take place.

All those interested in cloud computing and networking and situated in Sydney, or nearby areas such as Peakhurst, are welcome at this meeting. Those looking to network effectively might consider visiting professionals offering business card printing before the event so that these cards can be handed out. Many people attending events of this kind expect others to have digital business cards , so business owners should ensure they are prepared.

This meeting will be held on August 29.