Costco Moorabbin enjoys Christmas trading period

December 28, 2017 by  

Costco Moorabbin, with its famous red logo design of the word “COSTCO”, has been a hot spot for Christmas shoppers this year.

One of the most popular and interesting purchases from the Moorabbin store has been the massive Costco teddy bear, with hundreds of purchases of the huggable giant being made over the weeks. Although it costs a whopping $280, the 93-inch giant plush teddy has been a big hit among Moorabbin shoppers. An average of two to three teddies were purchased every week, resulting in the teddy bear being low of stock very soon.

Apart from the mega-sized teddy bear, other popular Christmas shopping items were a 10-pack Olde English Christmas Crackers, a Disney princess toddler doll, and a Hatchimals glittering garden with two bonus collectibles. However, the item that achieved the most impressive number of sales was a 45m pack of Christmas ribbon that comes in a range of colours and patterns, whereas the item that was sold out at the fastest rate was a nativity set that costs $149.99.

The Moorabbin store, which is the eighth Costco store in Australia, opened in November 2015 with a total initial stock worth $15 million. A wide range of products are available in this Moorabbin warehouse, which has been opened for three years and has never had a better Christmas trading period compared to this year.