Council approves booze ban at Randwick City Beaches

December 9, 2017 by  

Those who enjoy a beer by the beach during a hot day may be disappointed to find out that Randwick Councillors have decided to carry out a festive season booze ban at all beaches and beachside parks around the southeast of Sydney.

The Randwick councillors arrived at this undisputed decision after receiving advice to do so from the local police. According to the police, the ban is important due to the large crowds who tend to gather at the beach and beachside parks to celebrate the holidays.

However, it may be comforting to find out that the bans are only temporary and enforced on certain days over the Christmas and New Year holiday season. After the booze ban is lifted, families will still be able to enjoy a relaxing beachside picnic with a glass of wine or a cooling can of beer.

Last summer, permanent alcohol bans were been imposed on Coogee Beach. This action has achieved its objectives and thus acts as a good example for other beaches around the area.

Flyer printing and distribution is occasionally used to educate the public on the importance of drinking safely, especially regarding the perils of drink driving. Poster printing and display at strategic locations is also carried out to remind people on the correct size of a standard drink, which is the maximum amount of alcohol allowed for those who plan to drive within a certain amount of time.