Council business programme scores silver at top awards

May 8, 2018 by  

An innovative programme involving local businesses and students has been recognised at the National Local Government Innovation Awards.

The Tertiary Business Skills Programme, introduced by the City of Whitehorse, has received a silver medal in the prestigious awards.

Mayor Andrew Davenport is proud of the programme, which has seen Deakin University students team up with businesses from throughout the City, including Box Hill South , in a highly competitive internship lasting 12 weeks.

He said the successful programme, acknowledged as part of the Municipal Association of Victoria’s Reinvent.LGov conference, was put together by the City of Whitehorse’s Investment and Economic Development team.

The aim of the awards, he explained, was to celebrate the achievements and efforts of projects introduced by local government that make the provision of service more useful and efficient for each community, while also demonstrating an effective use of resources. He added:

“The awards recognised best value and practice, with finalists assessed on their outstanding innovation, effort and outcomes. Judging criteria also included the ability of projects to positively impact council business objectives and assist other councils through their results.”

As a result of the programme being rolled out across the city, key outcomes have included the provision of development, support and marketing such as flyer printing to many local businesses.

In addition, council has been able to assist key education institutions in boosting their role in the development of local business, according to the Mayor.