Council takes preschool enrolments online

April 1, 2014 by  

Parents in Victoria’s Scoresby and surrounding areas with children starting preschool in 2015 will benefit from a new enrolment system being introduced by Knox Council.

The new system, known as KEYS Online, will effectively do away with cumbersome reams of paper forms and information.

According to Mayor Darren Pearce, the new system for enrolments would be of great advantage to busy parents due to its easy accessibility via desktop or laptop computers.

The system, which is expected to be available to families within the next few weeks, simplifies the process of paying fees and enrolling children in preschool.

Information on the new system will also go out to families who have already enrolled their children into preschool using traditional forms from print companies for the 2015 term to enable them to access KEYS Online and benefit from the service it provides.

The Mayor said there were also plans to use the system for a number of other services in the “early years” category, including occasional and full time childcare.

He added that the innovative KEYS Online program was inspired by Council’s desire to find the best ways to connect and interact with the area’s families and, in particular, those using specific services like the early years programs.

Currently, there are 1,400 children in 30 preschools managed by Knox Council which is located 20 to 25km south-east of Melbourne CBD.