Council to establish new play area for dogs

February 16, 2018 by  

Caulfield dog owners will have a new area for their pet pooches to roam and explore with the latest decision by Glen Eira Council to establish a new dog park.

The park has been described as “a sensory zone” which will host a dry creek bed, logs, rocks and garden beds.

The project represents new territory for Glen Eira Council as it will be the first dog exercise park established in the area. It will also feature an off-leash area for pooches to play at Caulfield Wedge, with printing services expected to ensure all areas are well signposted.

Management of the site was handed over to Council from the State Government last October and this was accompanied with $350,000 in funds to develop it.

Deputy Mayor Jamie Hyams said there were a number of difficulties associated with managing the site, including limited car parking, its busy location, and limited access points but the end result will be great for the thousands of people who own dogs in the area.

“There was some suggestion we were putting dogs before people but … if the dogs are happy then the people who own them are happy.”

When it comes to open space, Glen Eira has the least available compared with the other Victorian councils, he said, even though the number of dog registrations in the municipality has hit 12,419.

According to Maggie Laughton, a dog trainer and groomer at Caulfield North, the park is a real “life changing” addition to the area.