Craft beer sector may develop in East Perth

May 18, 2018 by  

Craft beer production could gain momentum in places like East Perth.

The beer experts of Perth maintain that there have not been better circumstances for the manufacture of craft beer. The industry is on the up in many parts of Western Australia. As an inner suburb, East Perth is a great location for beer production. Poster printing can be useful throughout the entertainment sector. Tax changes being introduced by politicians may benefit those engaged in making craft beer.

Ross Lewis is the Executive Officer at the Western Australian Brewers Association (WABA). Lewis explained:

“We're the cradle of craft brewing in Australia, we have been for 35 years so it'll be great to support local producers and that in turn helps support local jobs. I don't think we'll see an immediate effect in terms of lower prices, but we'll probably see a pretty good effect in better beer.”

At the moment, approximately 5% of the beer being consumed within the state is made inside the boundaries of Western Australia. However, WABA forecast that this will change swiftly over the next two years. This is because the organisation predicts that more individuals will enter the sector.

Local craft beer enthusiasts will be heartened by the success of a pale ale. A drink concocted in the Nail Brewery received a prize in the World Beer Cup. A distinctive aroma and a special flavour impressed judges in Nashville.