Croydon clubs team up for much needed funding

October 30, 2016 by  

Two local sporting clubs have joined together to fight for much needed improvements to a Croydon, Victoria sports venue.

Eastfield Cricket Club and South Croydon Junior Football Club took the initiative to jointly make representation to the government for funds to provide new facilities for players at the Eastfield Reserve.

Their vision for the upgrade, a spokesman said, would include female change rooms and a shared-use community centre at an estimated cost of up to $2 million.

President of Eastfield Cricket Club Dallas Leeming feared the clubrooms, which have never received an upgrade, had been forgotten. This, he said, makes it difficult for the club of 120 members to grow.

He added the club rooms were the original change rooms and remained similar to when they were first constructed.

Mr. Leeming said for the past 15 years club members have been advocating for a redevelopment before the rooms fall apart completely.

His words were echoed by Peter White, president of the Junior Football Club, who said the club’s potential was being held back by the run-down rooms.

He said the limited and antiquated facilities were also delaying plans to distribute flyers seeking members for an all-girls team at the club.

Mr. White said he was keen to see the club a place where life skills as well as footy skills could be developed.

According to Chief Executive of Maroondah Council, Steve Koslowski, work on a master plan for the club was due to be completed before the middle of 2017.