Croydon youngster sets up a business

April 21, 2017 by  

Emily O’Regan from Croydon has established a dog walking firm at the age of eight.

Miss O’Regan is walking dogs to obtain more pocket money, but she is also raising cash for a good cause. Assisted by her father, she started out in business in order to learn more about how the world worked.

Importantly, the safety of Miss O’Regan is not jeopardised by her commercial activity. Brendan O’Regan, her father, explained how the operation began to the Herald Sun, saying:

“We then came up with the idea to start a small dog walking business around Maroondah where I accompany her on every walk and ensure the pooches return home happy.”

Mr. O’Regan is keen for his daughter to understand the basic value of earning an income, and is also eager for her to appreciate the value of saving. No doubt business tools like presentation folders and digital business cards are already familiar to the junior entrepreneur.

The young dog walker has pledged to make a donation to a charity called Caritas Australia. This international aid and development organisation aims to combat poverty in a wide range of developing countries. Its workers aspire to give people in need a measure of control over their own experiences.

Miss O’Regan wants to purchase a fresh netball jumper this winter, and is saving up to make this target a possibility.