Dandenong gets a cultural facelift

July 30, 2018 by  

A cultural quarter of Dandenong has received a recent upgrade.

The transformation of part of Dandenong has been achieved through artwork, and a precinct connected with India has received a big lift. Poster printing can be used to generate a buzz within cultural quarters.

Indian businesses have clustered in the area for more than two decades. The community has focused much of its energy on the manufacture of textiles. However, eateries and retail outlets are also highly important features of the district. The Federation of the Indian Association of Victoria has a hub within Dandenong, while there is a museum close by.

Aishwarya Pokkuluri is the Young Leader of the Year for Greater Dandenong. This award was connected with Australia Day this year. She is a dedicated volunteer who has stood up for the disadvantaged.

Mike Eleven is an artist who is raising the profile of the place. He is eager to show off the modern aspect of the Indian community. He explained the details of his vision to Indian Link, saying:

“The work depicts how Aishwarya moves between both worlds effortlessly and acts as a bridge between tradition and progress.”

In a parking area near Mason Street, a mural has been produced which celebrates the history of India, paying tribute to the role of textile production. It has been put together by Geoffrey Carran and Rowena Martinich. Elsewhere, a mural of Mahatma Gandhi has been created by Melbourne’s Julian Clavijo.