Darra streets turning green with new trees

July 3, 2015 by  

Darra residents had the chance to brighten up their streets recently and score some new plants for their own gardens.

The suburb was being planted with new trees as part of Brisbane City Council’s Neighbourhood Shadeways programme.

The scheme is designed to add more trees to the city’s public streets, to make walking and cycling more pleasant for residents, boost air quality and improve the street scene to help property values.

Trees are chosen by council staff to make sure they are suitable for the area and will not interfere with infrastructure such as power lines or reduce visibility, and then are planted at volunteer work days. The council performs most of the maintenance and is responsible for major pruning, although residents can also apply to do minor upkeep such as pruning small branches.

Eleven streets around Darra were planted this month, including Darra Station Road and Balfour Street.

Volunteers who took part in the event were given free plants to be used in their own gardens. Printing services were also used to create an information pack containing ideas for living more sustainably and helping the environment for each volunteer.

Brisbane residents can apply for two free native plants each financial year, as long as they pay council rates. For more information about receiving plants or future street planting days, visit the Brisbane City Council website.