Australian newspaper takes print honour at international awards

May 31, 2016 by  

News Corp-owned newspaper The Daily Telegraph, set up in the affluent Sydney suburb of Surry Hills, itself located five minutes from Alexandria, the CBD centre, and Ultimo, has been honoured with a highly coveted print advertising nod on the world stage.

Up against [Read more]

Business awards ready for nominations in Queensland

May 31, 2016 by  

The Lord Mayor’s Business Awards in Brisbane is seeking nominations from innovative firms.

The search for entrants in the [Read more]

Location for new restaurant is a mystery for now

May 30, 2016 by  

A restaurant is about to be opened somewhere in Melbourne, but there has been no official confirmation of where.

The food outlet will serve Thai cuisine and [Read more]

Shopping centre in Werribee adopts safety measures

May 29, 2016 by  

The management of a Werribee shopping centre is poised to install modern emergency markers.

Pacific Werribee will have GPS coordinated marker [Read more]

Croydon-area couple have hopes of winery revival

May 28, 2016 by  

A local couple is hoping to restore a once-successful Boronia winery.

David and Pat Smith were told to vacate their [Read more]

Celebrating Merri Creeks transformation

May 27, 2016 by  

The Friends of Merri Creek community action group will form the focus of next month's World Environment Day activities at [Read more]

Fremantle gives a nod to its heritage

May 27, 2016 by  

Over May and June this year, the city of Fremantle is once again celebrating its rich cultural history.

This year the Fremantle Heritage Festival will [Read more]

Airport project a contender for construction award

May 26, 2016 by  

The Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access initiative may be recognised with an award, and this could feature in [Read more]

Modern ferry introduced for commuters near Tullamarine Freeway

May 26, 2016 by  

A new ferry has recently started to operate as part of a trial and it could help commuters who use the Tullamarine Freeway.

The ferry will [Read more]

Maroochydore flies towards Adelaide

May 25, 2016 by  

Popular budget airline Jetstar has announced that in September it will be offering direct flights from the Sunshine Coast to Adelaide.

In celebration, Jetstar will initially be offering one-way flights from $69. The head of Jetstar’s Commercial and Operations Improvement branch, Carly Povey, said:

“The Sunshine Coast is one of our most popular leisure destinations and we’re sure [the community] will warmly welcome today’s announcement that a low fares airline option is now available on the route.”

This development has also been welcomed by Sunshine Coast deputy mayo,r who described it as “another step forward”.

This announcement comes just two months after the federal government’s Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics named the Maroochydore airport as the fastest growing airport, with the number of flights per year rising 23.9% since February 2015, followed closely by airports at the Gold Coast, Sydney, Williamstown, and Melbourne.

Maroochydore airport is only an hour’s drive from Brisbane, and its expansion has been predicted to attract more businesses to the Sunshine Coast. The Managing Director of the Commercial Real Estate Services Rem Rafter said that it would support employment and subsequent population growth. New businesses in the area will likely consider using print companies to help advertise their merchandise.

Currently, the Maroochydore airport has the capacity to handle up to one million passengers annually, and with the addition of 56,000 seats this September, that number is bound to continue to rise.

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