Enhance your networking with digital business cards

For many people, having an online presence is a normal, natural thing. This has been proven by the millions of people who have a Facebook or Twitter account. However, for anyone involved in business, it’s important to separate any personal and professional online profiles – hence the popularity of LinkedIn, the business related social network.

Despite LinkedIn’s advantages, it does not have the immediacy of a business card. Think of how many opportunities you have had to pass out your card – it’s much more convenient to exchange cards with a potential client, than to agree to become ‘friends’ on Facebook at a later date. Nevertheless, there are times when you may forget to do this which gives you a great opportunity to use a digital business card instead.

A digital business card is just that – an online version of a traditional business card. In the real world, it’s a fact that many people don’t do anything with many of the business cards they receive, but digital business cards offer a great opportunity to change that behaviour. For a start, they negate the need to carry around dozens of cards – anybody you have ever networked with is a few button presses away. They are also easy to send: Not only can they be emailed, but the latest smartphones offer the opportunity to bypass even that. An application such as Bump for the iPhone enables you to give someone your digital business card with incredible ease. Your online card may also have multiple tabs, just like a spreadsheet, meaning that you can include more information about your business.

Some digital business cards are also able to aggregate information from your many online personas, such as your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and also provide links your photographs in Flickr.

Traditional business cards are not going to disappear any time soon, but we at Minuteman Press are at the forefront of any emerging technology, and are able to offer both traditional and digital business cards to you.