Digital Business Cards Changing the Face of Networking

June 8, 2011 by  

New technological advances mean digital business cards are easier than ever to attain and are changing Australian networking.

The introduction of digital business cards is a welcome innovation that could help numerous Abbotsford businesspeople, particularly as the nature of work for many people is constantly evolving due to rapid technological change.

Businesses in Abbotsford will be familiar with the tradition of trading paper-based business cards with clients and partners. Conventional business cards typically include the name, position and contact details of the business person, and their small size and light weight make them portablprie enough to carry around.

While carrying individual business cards can be hassle-free, veteran business card traders would have observed that lugging around all of the business cards collected over the years can be difficult. Although each paper-based business card takes little space, it’s the accumulation of dozens of these that can be the problem, leading to disorganisation and clutter.

As a result, digital business cards are changing the way that businesspeople network and interact. More professionals are becoming increasingly mobile as they access their work over the internet 'in the cloud'. In light of this development, digital business cards can be accessed and shared via a variety of web apps and mobile apps, which have attempted to recreate business card networking for the digital space.

It is evident, however, that the digital business card apps currently available range in their scope, operation and appearance. A good printing company will be able to both design and print business cards but also give you an electronic version. There are apps available nowadays, such as Bump, that will then allow networkers to instantly swap their details.