Doors open to Inglis family's new stables and hotel

February 12, 2018 by  

Riverside Stables, the new complex by the Inglis family, is now open for business.

The Willaim Inglis Hotel – a five-star location – has also started receiving its first guests.

The $140m development of the Inglis family is already showing signs of benefiting the economy in Liverpool and nearby areas, particularly by stimulating local business activities in southwest Sydney.

The Inglis Riverside premise is a mere 25-minute drive from Sydney Airport, as well the new Western Sydney Airport, which will begin construction in 2018. The area includes a large arena capable of accommodating around 1,000 visitors for events such as seminars, concerts, and wedding banquets.

The Inglis family has chosen to preserve some of the historical features from their heritage listed Randwick stables in the new development.

Randwick residents can easily drive up to the premise to enjoy a variety of fun activities and events. They may also be interested in checking out the new infrastructure and facilities, which resemble the previous Randwick stables their parents or grandparents may have frequented many decades ago.

Furthermore, the event-friendly premise can host parties or celebrations of important milestones in life, such as weddings. For bookings or enquiries, an efficient way of getting in touch with the business is via contact details printed on the business cards of managers or owners.