Dry July turns Melbourne drinkers into heroes

August 20, 2012 by  

Melbourne people from Fitzroy, to West Melbourne, to Richmond and beyond made a serious change to their lives in July 2012, all in the name of charity. Dry July is an effort to add value to the lives of people who have fallen victim to cancer.

Participants in Dry July are sponsored to give up drinking alcohol for a month to raise funds for cancer sufferers and their families. The money raised goes towards improving the living conditions and support services for those affected by the disease.

Dry July also changes the lives of the people who have elected to raise the money. The pledge to give up drinking for a full month means that the participants examine their drinking habits and learn to fight the urge to backslide. Making people aware of the need for a healthy lifestyle is one of the stated aims of the Dry July organisation.

The 2012 Dry July has twenty cancer victim support organisations benefiting from its efforts. This is the most beneficiaries the campaign has had so far. The organisations benefiting include Barwon Health Foundation and the Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre.

Dry July was launched on June 20 at the Royal Melbourne Hotel. The organisers are confident that they will have more participants than the 11,500 who raised money last year, and hope that they can raise $3 million.

Banner printing and poster printing could be important elements of charity campaigns that rely on the efforts of volunteers. Posters placed in hotels, workplace kitchens, and other public spaces would remind people of the work they have promised for July.