East Victoria Park building to go under the hammer

May 1, 2017 by  

A Perth newsagent is about to pass on a building that has served his family well.

Rod McGhee’s father and grandfather were both newsagents, so it was little surprise when he took on the business. The shop is located on Albany Highway in Perth. If the building is used for enterprise after its sale, marketing services in Welshpool could be used for promotional purposes.

McGhee is now well over 70, and will soon retire. The family believe his firm has sold over a million newspapers down the decades, with The Western Australian being a popular title. McGhee has always prioritised customer service and told The Western Australian:

“Customers knew that we supplied what they wanted. For example, I would go around to all the local schools to get copies of their book lists so that we could make sure we stocked all the student needs.”

Nathan Hobby, a blogger, has described the nature of the shop, compared it to something that might have been created by children’s author Roald Dahl. He revealed that there is an abundance of stock, some of which is rather old, but many of the items are highly desirable.

With the auction date approaching, McGhee has been receiving visits from well-wishers, many of whom were once locals but have since relocated elsewhere.