East-West link requiring further consultation

April 15, 2013 by  

Melbourne City Council has expressed multiple environmental impact concerns regarding the State Government application for works on the 18 km East-West link project.

The major project involves extensive under-city tunnelling, elevated structures, and a tunnel portal. According to the Melbourne City Council, the State Government application falls short in many areas.

The Council has said it is yet to see adequate environmental impact studies, especially significant in regard to Princes Park and Royal Park, which are permanently reserved as Crown Land public parks. Another concern is the Link’s proximity to heritage sites, such as Walmsley House and Anzac Hall.

Melbourne City Council also requires information regarding pockets of rare fauna or flora that may be affected. Cr Richard Foster claimed the State Government is fast tracking the project to the possible detriment of environmental protection. He said:

“Given these omissions, it is difficult to confidently accept the applicants’ self assessment statement that there will be no significant impacts. It is appropriate that council is looking very closely at this.”

According to a spokeswoman from the State Government, Larissa Garvin, the East-West link includes underground tunnels which will reduce environmental impacts. She expects the Coalition will be working with the community to deliver suitable outcomes, while adhering to stringent environmental guidelines, including a thorough assessment of design and development.

Community input and ideas can be submitted to relevant government departments for their perusal prior to works. Melbourne print companies can assist with professional documents for presentation to Melbourne City councillors.