End of an era as FTI merges with Screenwest

August 13, 2017 by  

The Film and Television Institute WA (FTI) has closed its doors following a merger with Screenwest, East Perth.

The not-for-profit organisation had spent the past 45 years working with up-and-coming talent as they took their early steps towards a screen career.

However, according to former FTI Chair Mitchell Wells, funding cuts and an uncertain future contributed to the decision to provide emerging filmmakers with greater stability by merging with Screenwest. Wells explained:

“It is of course with a tinge of sadness that we make this announcement … this move is not made lightly, and we examined closely our various options.

“It is clear that consolidating with Screenwest is the best way forward to ensure services to the emerging filmmaking sector continue to be delivered.”

Historically, FTI brochures have promoted services that included the provision of production facilities, an animation centre, and editing suites for use by filmmakers.

In conjunction with the Deadly Yarns series, FTI also provided numerous Aboriginal filmmakers with their maiden broadcast credits.

Screenwest Chair Janelle Marr said fledling filmmakers could be assured her team is devoted to ensuring funding continues for efficient, strategic and effective programmes that meet their needs. These include short films, coaching, advice and mentorship, and she noted that close work with FTI will be necessary to ensure these programmes are delivered.