Environmentally-friendly house for sale in Moorabbin

October 28, 2017 by  

A very special house has appeared for sale in the Moorabbin market. The four-bedroom home is said to feature some of the same construction materials used for the Great Wall of China.

The facade of the house, located at 28 Fidders Street, was designed to be built from rammed earth and corten. Rammed earth is basically compacted concrete mixed with cement, while corten is rusted steel. Both materials are very sustainable building materials. This creates a unique and attractive new choice for Moorabbin home buyers, where the conventional home designs and building materials may have become a tad boring over the years.

The eco-friendly house is arranged to be sold via an auction held during October 2017. The recommended prices to interested buyers are around $1.25 million – $1.325 million.

According to builder Travis Ridgway, the house is specifically designed to be environmentally-friendly and have high thermal properties, including 7-star energy rating double-glazing. It also has additional eco-friendly features including solar passive eyebrow awnings, recycled timber cabinetry, and commercial grade timber sliding doors.

Simon Wood, sales agent at Buxton Hampton East, expressed his liking towards the architecture and sustainable factors of the house. He added that the house offers something completely unique to buyers on the look for something extraordinary, as nothing comparable has been found in the bayside area. The unique design of the house, rather than the location, is likely to be the wow factor that will draw buyers.

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