Essendon to have level crossing removed

August 2, 2018 by  

A level crossing in Essendon is going to be removed in the next few weeks, as part of a wider scheme of infrastructure improvement.

Level crossings are being taken out in Dandenong South and Seaford too. Print shops can be useful for organisations that want to make announcements like these to the public.

The idea behind the removal of level crossings is that the move will have a positive impact on congestion. The Essendon level crossing is situated on Buckley Street. The envisaged construction blitz may affect other level crossings first, but there is a specific date pencilled in for the Buckley Street intervention.

Road closures should be expected in the vicinity of Buckley Street to enable the work to proceed. Buckley Street itself willl be inaccessible to traffic from part way through the second week of August. This situation will last for a number of weeks, while the other road closures should be intermittent.

The temporary requirements of motorists are not going to be neglected as alternative routes will be facilitated. Relevant travel advice shall be made available, while detours will enable individuals to get from A to B.

Since 2014, over 25 level crossings have been taken out in the state of Victoria. It has been predicted that over the next few years, many more level crossings will be removed.