European event organisers come to Melbourne

June 27, 2017 by  

Four conference organisers from Europe have learned what Melbourne has to offer as an events destination as part of an event this month.

Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) and Business Events Australia (BEA) collaborated on the project. Brochures can showcase what Melbourne has to offer to conference organisers, and areas close to the central business district, like Footscray, can be useful for those seeking accommodation.

Karen Bolinger, the chief executive at MCB, told Incentive Travel:

“As competition increases globally it’s important that we engage with key decision makers in a meaningful and memorable way to ensure Melbourne is part of the consideration set for the next business event. Melbourne is an aspirational city and thanks to our partners we were able to demonstrate this through unique experiences that highlighted the possibilities associated with hosting a business event here.”

Penny Lion, a general manager for events at Tourism Australia, clarified the initiative was about part of a wider strategy. For Lion, the visit was about showcasing part of the country to planners, and 17 partners of the MCB made the specific project possible.

The general idea was that influential individuals should be encouraged to view Melbourne in a positive light. According to Lion, the hope was that these people may recognise that the city has the potential to deliver the goods consistently. Many of the association conferences of Melbourne are currently sourced from European cities.