European tech firm opens headquarters in Melbourne

May 23, 2017 by  

OVH, a European tech business, recently established a headquarters within Victoria’s capital.

The move by the French cloud company has been interpreted as positive for the tech sector in the Melbourne region. If the industry develops more momentum, it could lead to greater demand for digital printing from Moorabbin.

OVH already has in excess of 20 data hubs around the globe. Further, it has begun to make some progress in the Pacific region with centres in Singapore and Sydney.

Laurent Allard is the vice-chairperson of OVH, and has explained that his organisation has the aspiration to be an international leader in the provision of cloud infrastructure. He informed The Australian Financial Review:

“I'm not from this type of company background where the focus is on small and medium-sized businesses. I'm used to dealing with large enterprises and big transformation projects.”

OVH was established back in 1999. Created by entrepreneur Octave Klaba, the enterprise is still a family-owned firm, with the Klabas owning four fifths of it. Located in Roubaix, a city in the north of France, OVH was valued last year as being worth €1bn ($1.5bn).

OVH claimed that Melbourne is an appropriate site for a hub for several reasons, including its significant pool of talent and it scoring well in terms of its livability. A welcoming state government also helped to influence the decision.