Experts urge the dumping of West Gate Tunnel Project

December 14, 2017 by  

The $5.5bn West Gate Tunnel Project that stretches from Yarraville to West Melbourne has received strong opposition from experts, who claim that the project will worsen traffic congestion.

According to experts from the University of Melbourne and RMIT, Victorians should have an option to vote for or against the project. In a letter to the Premier Daniel Andrews, the academics wrote that it is not wise to build new roads that bring in more car flow into the inner city. They also stated that the project benefits towards traffic have been overstated; instead, they believe a new motorway will end up making people who live further away from the city to choose driving as their mode of transport, with will increase road congestion.

The letter also suggested that West Gate Tunnel Project should be scaled back to the 2014 original West Gate Distributor Project, which is a means of stopping trucks from using the West Gate Bridge, and instead allowing them to go directly into the Port of Melbourne.

Earlier this year, there were some protests for trucks to be banned from some roads in West Melbourne after the completion of the West Gate Tunnel project. Banner printing and display were carried out by the Maribyrnong Truck Action Group (MTAG) during protests against the large number of trucks that have been going through residential roads.

According to the government, the West Gate Tunnel project has been studied thoroughly and there are no plans for scrapping it.