Extensive land needed for housing in Penrith

October 17, 2017 by  

As one of the fastest-growing areas in New South Wales , Penrith plans to increase its housing by 6,600 units.

Penrith is on track to produce up to 4,500 houses in the next three to five years. However, there are concerns that the growth needs to be managed alongside the existing infrastructure.

Councillor Marcus Cornish has urged caution in acquiring the land, so as not to repeat mistakes made in the past. Three months ago, the Nepean District Historical Society (NDHS) tried to save the Rodley house in Vista Street from demolition.

Rodley was built in 1882, and was home to several prominent families in the area, including at least three mayors. The NDHS believed that it should have been placed on the state’s heritage register years ago, but it never was. Consequently, many alterations had been made, not all of which were in keeping with the original style.

Despite extensive flyer and brochure printing in support of retaining the old house, the demolition will go ahead to make way for two new apartment buildings, supplying much needed housing in central Penrith.

Landowners have been called upon to nominate possible sites for housing, and nearby suburbs of Llandilo and Londonderry may offer the best areas for new development, but roads in the area will need to be upgraded before construction starts.