How brochure printers in Perth will sell your products

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You may have an excellent product or service, but unless your customers and potential customers know about them and how they can benefit from using them, you will not make many sales. A brochure is way of telling your customers about what your business offers.

Many major businesses started in Perth. Canva graphic design software, Cash Converters, and Bette shoe stores are all businesses that were once small Perth startups that have grown to be known nationally and internationally. Their growth was not accidental; they all had effective marketing campaigns to tell the world about their products and services.

Not just digital

Most businesses use a website and social media for marketing, but digital media has not replaced the need for printed marketing materials. Some of the best marketing campaigns combine digital and print media. A brochure gives people details of products and contains a link to the website. Customers are contacted by email, but also receive printed brochures through their doors.

Why do people need your products?

Before you design a brochure, you need to know why your customers need your products. They may have a problem that needs solving. For example, they may have difficulty with products wearing out after a short time. If your product is durable and more efficient, it can solve the problem of regularly having to replace items.

Other customers may want a more premium or deluxe version of a product they already use. Whatever the situation, ask your customers about their concerns and target your brochures to address these issues.

Paper stock

Brochures are a tactile media, so they are handled as well as seen. Ask brochure printers in Perth to see their range of quality paper and cards, including glossy coated papers. You want your business to be associated with quality, therefore you need quality paper for your brochures.

Great copy

Copy, the words in the brochure, is vitally important. They need to clearly and concisely describe what your products and services are, what they do, their advantages, and why people should buy from you rather than your competitors. You may be great at running your business, but this does not mean you are a great copywriter. Hire the best copywriter, not the cheapest, to write the words in the brochure.

If it works, keep it

If you have produced a brochure that has increased sales in the past, base a new brochure on the same design. If a brochure has worked, all that is probably needed for a new brochure design is some modifications that will lead to even more sales.

The first impression

Many people new to your business may come across your brochure and not pay it much attention unless it has a great visual appeal that creates a positive first impression. Your brochure should incite curiosity so that it is read. Use original photographs shot by expert photographers, not standard stock images, to get people’s attention.

Use brochure printers in Perth to produce top quality brochures that will sell your products and services.


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