First animal bridge in Sydney to be built

April 12, 2018 by  

A new bridge for animals on the northern beaches of Sydney will be built to protect their safety.

The 40-metre wide animal overpass costs $7.5m and is included in the Mona Vale Road West upgrade. The bridge will mark the first ever bridge in Sydney built just for animals.

There is currently a high rate of road kill in the area, where many bandicoots, echidnas, possums, and wallabies are injured or killed by the busy traffic along Mona Vale Road. Over 37,000 vehicles pass through Mona Vale Road daily, but the number is expected to increase significantly as major developments such as the Ingleside Priority Precinct are built in the area.

According to Melinda Pavey, NSW Roads Minister, the area where the animal bridge is built is located in between two National Parks – Garigal and Ku-ring gai National Parks. This makes it especially important that animals are given the appropriate protection using the right infrastructure.

Local animal groups such as the Pittwater Natural Heritage Association have previously identified this problem and have been lobbying for the animal bridge to be built.

Australia is famous for its biodiversity and is home to a variety of wildlife, much of it exclusive to this country. Poster printing and display are often carried out by animal groups as a means of reminding the public of the importance of wildlife protection.