Considering flyer printing as part of your marketing strategy?


In increasingly competitive market conditions, getting your name out to potential customers and advertising your services is becoming ever more important. Whilst we may dream of having the mammoth marketing budgets that some of the big boys have, for the majority of businesses, bang for your buck is an important consideration. This is why flyer printing has had continued popularity with many small to medium sized enterprises.

The beauty about a flyer campaign is that there is a number of ways to tackle it. If you have the budget, you may hire the services of a professional graphic artist to design your flyer. If you don’t, some practice with Photoshop or another design package can yield great results. Either way, you need to make sure that your copy is punchy, and that it gets your message across in the limited space that you have. Focus on what makes your business stand out, whether it’s low, low prices or the extra lengths you’re willing to go to for your customers.

Budget-wise, do you know the most important thing to factor into your brand new flyer? It’s the flyer printing costs. Having a great looking flyer is no good if you can only afford a print run of a few hundred at low quality. If you’re getting thousands of flyers out there, you don’t want them to look cheap.

At Minuteman Press, we’re able to offer you the very best results at competitive prices, meaning that you don’t need to decide between quantity and quality – it’s possible to have them both! What’s more, as we have many print shops across Australia, you can call in for some expert advice. Given our experience in printing and the cutting edge technology we employ, we can guide you through your flyer campaign from start to finish.