Footscray considers new speed limits

May 31, 2017 by  

The Footscray Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project (FPSIP) is pressing for better road safety.

The City Council of Maribyrnong is hoping to reduce the speed limit to 30 km per hour in some areas. This would be a radical step for an authority within Victoria. Printing services in Footscray could be used to assist with the upcoming consultative process. Catherine Cumming, the Mayor of Maribyrnong, stated:

“This is the start of a consultation process and it is important for community members to take part and to raise any issues or concerns.”

She explained that the council has become concerned at the number of accidents affecting pedestrians in specific places. In many of them, she believes, not all of the blame could not be attributed to the motorists involved.

Central Footscray currently has a speed limit of 40km per hour. At the moment, it is legal to drive at a faster speed within outer Footscray, but the speed limit for the periphery of Footscray may be slashed significantly depending on the results of the consultation.

The initiative has been supported by the Traffic Accidents Commission (TAC), which has pledged $1bn over the period of a decade. VicRoads has been given the responsibility of managing the policy. Consultation on a temporary speed reduction scheme is being undertaken elsewhere in Victoria at the same time.