Franchising expo held in Queensland

August 5, 2012 by  

The 2012 Brisbane Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo took place in July at the Brisbane Convention Exhibition Centre.

Businesses presenting franchising opportunities as well as those already involved in the running of franchises were present at the expo, providing attendees with relevant information, tips and advice in regards to a number of subjects, including choosing and operating your own franchise.

Busy entrepreneurs don’t often get an opportunity to talk face to face with those who have already created a business, or those who are already running a successful franchise. All those interested in franchising, including entrepreneurs from Darra, Mooloolaba and right across Queensland, were urged by organizers to attend.

At the 2012 Brisbane Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo, attendees had access to a number of daily seminars given by industry experts, covering information for both potential as well as current franchisors and franchisees. Financial and legal advice was also available for free in the Franchising Advice Centre.

Many companies at the expo used banner printing and poster printing to gain attention, and attendees at the event were on the lookout for suitable businesses and professionals to approach for help and information. Exhibitors at the Brisbane Convention Exhibition Centre had all sorts of information available. Some advertised using brochures printed by professional brochure printers. Detailed brochures and other materials of this kind provide a great way for businesses to present information to existing and potential clients, as brochures can be taken away and studied at a later date.