Free workshops feature of HR event in Melbourne

July 4, 2017 by  

A HR event will provide free workshops to those who register on time.

The conference will take place in the Melbourne Convention Centre (MCC). Participants may benefit from networking opportunities and may use note pads to take down details in some of the sessions.

Jemma Tolhurst, an event manager, told Human Capital:

“Attendance numbers at our Melbourne event have been growing over the past few years so we thought it a good time to add the workshops so we can provide HR professionals with even more value.”

Tolhurst made clear that the workshops are extremely popular, stating that HR professionals can take part free of charge and history shows that the sessions are among the highlights of national HR summits.

Different topics will be addressed that have genuine relevance to contemporary issues facing the sector. For example, one session will focus on the implications of technology, while another will look at various aspects of health promotion. Other important subjects that will be touched upon during the course of the summit include mental health, financial security, innovative strategy, and employee engagement.

Online pre-registration was encouraged several weeks before the summit, as space is fairly limited, so those yet to book their place will need to do so quickly. The event will take place on July 19 and 20.