Fremantle history to be celebrated at heritage festival

March 9, 2014 by  

The history of Fremantle in Western Australia, which was first settled in 1829, will be revisited at the upcoming 2014 Heritage Festival.

The annual festival provides a broad look at the city’s beginnings and how it has developed to become one of the most recognised locations in the world.

Visitors to the area have long been attracted to its many historic landmarks, such as the town hall, St. Patrick’s Church, South Beach and the state’s maritime gateway of Port Fremantle. Moviemakers too are frequently seen shooting scenes in the area, and many of the sights are frequently immortalised on local promotional material through services like postcard printing.

However, the festival – which is set to take place from May 9th to 18th – is renowned for delving deeper than merely iconic bricks and mortar. Its informative displays and presentations also incorporate social issues, including the fight for workers’ rights and changing fashions through the ages.

Festival goers will also have an opportunity to learn about some of the area’s eccentric characters and discover the music, art and culture which has helped shape the Fremantle of the 21st Century. The program also has plenty for fishing and motorcycle enthusiasts, plus plenty of great dining outlets.

As part of the festival, a writing and multimedia competition of non-fictional works is being held. The aim is to acknowledge the area’s history and how it has contributed to its diverse cultural and social heritage.