Friendly eatery opens near Caulfield

May 10, 2018 by  

Upsy Daisy, a café that features a diner style, has opened south of Caulfield.

A hangout near Caulfield, the café aims to appeal to the young, with its décor is targeted at consumers from a certain age group. Frozen yoghurt is for sale, while dog owners will have their specific needs addressed. Flyer printing can be useful when promoting eateries of all types.

The eatery opens at 7:00 am and closes 10 hours later. Operating on a daily basis, it should become a community hub over time.

The menu has been assembled with a view to capturing the approval of young people. Smoothies, coffee and bowls of superfood are focused on customers who like to follow fashion. The dietary supplement spirulina will be served up to individuals who want to consume protein and other nutrients. Gluten-free muesli is available for those individuals with specific dietary requirements.

The coffee is served in disposable cups, which is designed to make life a bit easier for parents who could be in a hurry. Parents who want their children to eat healthily can choose options like quinoa from the menu.

Dishes that tend to play well with those still at school have been included on the menu. Avocado toast can be eaten in the café, and can be combined with spicy sprinkles, beetroot or smoked salmon.