Is full colour printing for you?

When deciding to print anything, from a photograph from your digital camera, to a flyer or leaflet to promote your business, it’s natural to be cautious of employing full colour printing if you are not sure of the costs involved. After all, anybody who has used a colour printer at home will be well aware of the costs of a colour ink cartridge, and so would only use the highest print quality settings sparingly.

If you run your own business, or are in charge of a marketing budget, you may think that this cost may rise exponentially. After all, ink doesn’t come cheap, especially if you want to promote your services with a run of several hundred full colour posters.

However, spending a little extra on the quality of your printed materials may reap great rewards in attracting customers. It’s all to do with the impression you make. There is some truth to the old adage that to be successful, you first have to look the part. Vibrant, full colour posters, eye-catching flyers and glossy, premium quality brochures can do a great deal to represent the professionalism of your company. Dull, monochrome marketing materials can give the impression that a company is scrimping and saving. After all, if it can’t spring for full colour printing, how much does it have invested in its product or customer service? It may seem shallow, but any marketing executive will attest to it.

Luckily, premium full colour printing needn’t come at a premium price. At Minuteman Press, we specialise in delivering fantastic results that will suit any budget. We have many print shops across Australia, meaning that it’s easy for you to visit us and see what we can achieve for you using our cutting edge full colour printing technology.