Full steam ahead for Moorabbin day out

May 5, 2017 by  

The Steam Locomotive Society of Victoria has the perfect solution for a children’s outing. The Society drives miniature steam trains around three tracks at the Bricker Reserve in Moorabbin.

It first began operating in the back garden of a private house. Since its relocation to the Bricker Reserve in 1970, the membership has increased to 120 enthusiasts.

Like their forbearers, modern-day Victorians enjoy old-style steam trains, and the Moorabbin miniature railway provides youngsters with the experience of how their ancestors used to travel. The occasion might lend itself to old-fashioned invitations on personalised stationery, or themed postcard printing in the spirit of the time-honoured form of transport.

Patrons can choose between three laps around the shortest track, or longer rides on the other two, one of which has a tunnel. The custom-built engines are replicas of locomotives from England, America and Australia. The most popular engine, however, resembles television’s Thomas the Tank Engine.

The rides cost $2.50 per person, but parents of children under five years old ride free. The only rule for all is to wear fully enclosed shoes with no toes visible.

The Bricker Reserve is at 128 Rowans Road, and the steam trains run on the first Sunday afternoon of every month, meaning the next one is this Saunday, May 7. Rides run from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.